About Us

Although formed in 2007, the founders of BMS Engineering Ltd bring with them extensive experience in manufacturing specialist tubular fabrications for the motorsport, aerospace and automotive industries.

The company is situated at the centre of the UK’s motorway network and close to “motorsport valley”, to best serve the world’s motorsport teams.

BMS prides itself on its ability to respond to urgent demands and supply of high precision components. With special attention given to the areas of quality, cost and delivery, BMS aims to give its customers the very best service possible.


Investment in the very latest CNC tube bending and CMM measuring technology allows BMS to provide components “right first time” to the highest quality standards meeting customer specification / standards on a continuous basis. An aerospace derived quality / batch control system is in place to ensure all parts are traceable back to source.


BMS aims to offer its customers the very best value for money by using lean management techniques throughout the manufacturing process. Specific attention is paid to set up time reduction and factory organisation. The savings made in waste elimination are passed on to our customers.

Whether customers require production quantities or “one offs”, BMS provides competitive solutions every time.


BMS understands that time is a precious commodity and sometimes we are not given enough to comfortably complete a task. With little or no lead time, BMS will do its utmost to satisfy the demands of our customers.

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