Roll Cages

We specialise in the design and supply of Roll Cages. BMS supplied Roll Cages have won over 8 FIA World Championships

We can design and supply bespoke roll cages fully installed or in kit form certified to FIA/Motorsport UK regulations, in weight critical applications we can support homologation through static load FEA testing. Our roll cage services include:

  • Design: Bodyshell Laser Scanning, Parametric CAD Modelling, Occupant packaging, Suspension Hardpoint Integration, Installation drawings
  • Supply: CNC Bent tubes, Laser Cut Straight tubes, Laser cut sheetmetal mounts & gussets, Component supply to customer data, TIG/MIG welded installation

Utilising modern in-house manufacturing and engineering technology BMS can produce high quality designs and supply components that are accurate and repeatable. We can support with both bolt-in and weld-in constructions.

We guarantee exclusivity to customers who commission a Roll Cage design with BMS. Please note we do not supply off the shelf kits.

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