CMM & Laser Scanning

BMS can provide precision CMM probe measurements and laser scans with our new FARO Quantum arm.

With probing and laser scanning capabilities combined in one portable unit we can provide both highly accurate wireframe construction geometry and high-fidelity scan data in one model at a location to suit you. Typical projects undertaken:

  • Scanning and Reverse Engineering: Bodyshells, Exterior Bodywork, Package Envelopes, Systems, Assemblies, Components
  • Inspection: Component inspection, Inspection reporting, GD & T, Tooling commission, Component setting

FARO Quantum arm has a single point tolerance +/- 0.035mm and a scanning tolerance of +/- 0.068mm, guaranteeing high quality measurement data. Supported by CAM 2 software, we can conduct iterative best fit alignments for component inspection, deviation overlays, and detailed inspection reports.  For reverse engineering projects our in-house design service can convert measurement data into detailed parametric CAD models.

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