We offer innovative, performance-oriented, and cost-effective design solutions.

With extensive experience of design engineering in the motorsport and automotive industries we can provide a high-quality design service for a wide range of projects, ranging from:

  • Structural Design: Whole vehicle packaging, Spaceframe and Aluminium Monocoque design, Roll Cages, Subframes, Reverse Engineering
  • Sheetmetal Design: Welded bracket assemblies, Transmission tunnels, Suspension Turrets, Wheel arches
  • Tooling Design: Weld fixtures, Assembly Jigs, Press tooling
  • Aerodynamics: Parametric A-surface model construction, Aerodynamic conceptual design, wind tunnel model design, Rapid Prototype part design

Using the latest Siemens NX CAD software, we can produce highly detailed parametric CAD models that can be easily modified in instances where requirements and package constraints are constantly evolving. Communication is key with any design project, BMS can host onsite or remote design reviews and issue engineering reports throughout projects to guarantee designs fully comply with your requirements.

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